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Cooking Really Is Love You Can Taste


Website Design

Cooking really is love that you can taste! So happy you stopped in to learn more about recipeinprogress.com. The site is a combination of two favorite hobbies, experimenting with recipes and website design. Some would say that I know just enough coding to be dangerous. That statement is very true. WordPress is a preferred content management system (CMS), with prebuilt coding. You need only to choose your theme and the right plugins. Of course, having some basic coding skills helps alot in customizing those fine details. Let’s just say that my using WordPress makes the recipe blogging world a little bit safer.

Modifying and Recreating Recipes

The internet is flooded with recipe and cooking blogs. One might ask “Why on Earth would anyone want to start another recipe blog website?” The answer is simple. When you really enjoy experimenting with recipes, you enjoy sharing successes and lessons learned. Because I want to do this, an idea came to me. What if I could create a site that housed all of our recipes? Not only that, but the site allowed members to modify and recreate those recipes right on that same page? How cool would that be?  What if the user could then save those recipes to their own cookbook page, whether they be added to recipeinprogress.com by that user or another.

A Meeting of the Minds

Recipe In Progress allows members to do all of that. Users can completely recreate recipes included on the site. The user can then add their revised version right their on the original recipe page. Personalized recipe versions can then be added in the Tweaks, Twirks & Comments area, which can be found just a little below the recipe itself. When users save the recipe in their own cookbook, they can enjoy when wanted.

I want you to you feel right at home here at recipeinprogress.com and enjoy your time finding your favorite recipes, adding your own recipes, and socializing with other likeminded foodies. Have suggestions for new recipe categories, courses, cuisines, special diets, or others? Get in touch with us and pass it on. We may just use your ideas.